Sep 25, 2016

How to Pick the Right Car Rental Add-Ons

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Choosing the Right Insurance

If you damage the rental car, you’ll be responsible for paying for the car repairs. Additionally, you may have to pay a certain amount of money based on the revenue that the car company lost while the car was getting fixed. While it’s expensive to opt for the collision and loss waiver, you won’t have to worry about spending the money to fix the car should something happen to it. Before opting for this waiver, though, find out if your credit card company offers free collision coverage when you use it to rent a car.

Adding an Extra Driver

If you are traveling with other people who can drive, you may be tempted to add one or more additional drivers. However, this comes with a hefty charge, particularly if the driver is under a certain age, like 25. Your daily price for the car rental can skyrocket simply by adding even one additional driver. Think about how much time you’re actually going to be spending in the car. If the road trip to the destination is short and you’re not going to be in the car much when you arrive, an extra driver may be a big waste of money.

Using Their GPS

Most car rental companies will ask if you want GPS in the car. While this is helpful if you’re going somewhere unfamiliar, it’s much less expensive to use your own GPS or to use the GPS that’s built in to your phone. If the rental car has Bluetooth capability, you’ll even be able to play the GPS from your phone through the car’s speakers. If you don’t have your own GPS system, consider taking the add-on. Nothing is more inconvenient than getting lost!

Using Their Car Seat

If you’re traveling with a little one, it may sound great that the car rental company will provide you with a car seat. However, this can cost a lot of money each week, which could offset the convenience. If you’re going to be using the rental car for a long time, consider using your own car seat. If you’ll only need a car seat for the return trip home, consider buying one when you reach the destination. For more information, please visit Discount Car to find additional resources.