Aug 20, 2016

Home Care Offers Many Benefits for Seniors

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Comfort and Privacy

Nursing homes are often a very sparse and clinical environment with limited space. Seniors entering a nursing home must leave behind the majority of their personal possessions. They also often have to undress and receive medical care in the company of a roommate, which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Home health care allows seniors to stay in the comfort of their own homes, and care can be given in private with only the patient and the caregiver.

Personal Relationships

It can be difficult to foster personal relationships with caregivers in a nursing home. Most patients will have a different caregiver each day, and most nursing homes have a high turn-over rate for employees. A home health provider, on the other hand, forms very close relationships with his or her patients. Whether hired from an agency or on an individual basis, most home health providers see the same patients every day.

Even more important than a patient's relationship with caregivers is preserving relationships between the patient and family and friends. Loved ones are more likely to visit elderly family members in their homes than in nursing homes or other facilities. When seniors move in with family, a home health provider can preserve loving relationships by taking the care burden off the family, which prevents feelings of resentment.

Staying Active

Activity is an important part of senior care, but it can be difficult for nursing home residents to stay active because rooms are small and staff is limited. However, seniors who are cared for at home have the opportunity to participate in all the same activities they used to enjoy, such as gardening, cooking and playing board games. Home health care providers often have time to assist seniors with favorite activities and teach them new hobbies and games to keep their minds sharp.

Lower Cost

Nursing homes and senior care facilities can be incredibly expensive because they have so many costs to cover. When it comes to home health care, the only cost is the hourly rate for the provider. While nursing homes must pay wages for around-the-clock staff, most home health providers only spend a few hours per day with each patient. You can find more info at the Eldercare Home Health website.