May 10, 2016

Make Your Next Garden Shed Something You Can Be Proud Of

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Most homeowners are certainly looking for the utility that a garden shed can add to their backyard. Whether you plan on storing garden tools or lawnmowing equipment, a shed will remove clutter from your garage and other places in your home where you have been storing things.

Here are some options for garden sheds that can help you make your yard the place that you want it to be:

Cedar-sided Sheds

There are a few manufacturers that retail custom sheds as well as pre-designed cedar sided garden sheds that will last for several decades. Cedar is a material that is normally only found on top-end homes and consequently ends up being a little more expensive than a shed that uses traditional siding. On the other hand, using cedar, especially clear cedar that is finished with a sealant can add a lot of value to your back yard because you are creating a showcase that will look good alongside any type of outdoor decor.

Brick Sheds

Although brick is not a material that typically costs much more than other types of building supplies, it is quite labor intensive to put a full-size shed together using brick. If you are uncomfortable working from plans, it may be a good idea to have a contractor build it for you so that you can have it finished quickly and well. Because winters can be harsh in parts of Canada, thicker walls are advisable if you store plants or other materials that can be affected there. Surprisingly enough, it is often the case that when families look at creating a brick shed, they end up instead creating a larger workspace that can also be used as more of a cottage when the weather is good.

Concrete Block Sheds

Concrete block can be finished so that it looks like a fallout shelter or so that it looks like one of the most expensive homes on your street. It's versatility in all types of weather makes it a popular material to build with when creating storage space. As long as you design well or use plans that you want, you will likely be able to create a shed using concrete block that is comparably priced to higher end kits that are available. As with brick, however, if you have little experience in finish work, it is best to engage the services of a contractor so that you can ensure that you get exactly what you wanted.

Getting a quality garden shed for storage or use as extra space is one decision that will make your home a more permanent place for you to enjoy up through your retirement.