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Registration Information

Please print out our 2015 Registration form and fill it out with your community information. Mail to the address on form.

Population Categories:

Registrations are categorized according to community population in order to ensure fairness with respect to available people and other resources. There are currently eight population categories for the Provincial level program. Registration fees are dependant upon the community’s population size.

Population sizes :
1 – 1000
1001 – 3000
3001 – 5000
5001 – 10,000
10,001 – 20,000
20,001 – 50,000
50,001 – 100,000
100,001 – 300,000

First time participants may choose to be Non-competitive to experience the program. Communities of 300,000+ are entered directly into the National Communities in Bloom program.

Other Participation Categories

This category has been developed to pair an experienced CiB 5-bloom winner with a new community.

Winner’s Circle

This category is for communities that have been 5-bloom winners and want to continue CiB initiatives.

Community Showcase

The Showcase is designed to encourage small groups with a specific project or a geographical segment within the community to be recognized in a non-competitive CiB level.

National and International competition categories are the next level of challenge for those who desire them.

Participating Community Responsibilities

Provides some Municipal staff support (Councillor/Administrator, Public Works, Parks &/or Recreation) to assist your committee.

Budgets for registration fee (dependant on population size), conference/awards attendance, projects to create CiB awareness in community, inspires citizen involvement.

Fundraises (grants/sponsorship) for large projects.

Involves their community in the effort.

Prepares for judges evaluation to take place in mid to late July.

Creates a Community Profile Binder outlining the community’s achievements in the CiB evaluation criteria.

Provides meals & accommodation for judges during evaluation time: max 2 nights, separate rooms, same location (billeting is acceptable).

Community Receives :

Evaluation by a pair of trained BC CiB judges ($20,000 value)

Invitation to the provincial Awards & Conference in the fall Bloom Rating (2 to 5 blooms) Certificate with 16+ page Evaluation Report presented at the BC CiB Awards Ceremony in the fall.

Obtain information for National participation in future years.

Creating your Local CiB Committee

Success in the British Columbia Communities in Bloom ( BCCiB ) program is very much a team effort requiring input and active participation from the stakeholders in your community.

Key Community Stake Holders :

Local businesses, economic development chambers & business Improvement associations.

Individuals, resident associations, schools & garden clubs.

Local Government
Municipal staff, councillors, parks & recreation & public works staff.

Service Groups
Rotary clubs, Lions club, Heritage Society & Youth Groups.

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