7 On-Trend Colour Schemes for Quartz Countertops

If you’re overwhelmed by all your colour options for quartz countertops, checking out the top trends and best sellers can give you an excellent starting point for making your own countertop selection. Let’s discuss 7 on-trend colour schemes that can complement the top kitchen colour palettes in today’s most up-to-date Canadian homes.

1. White With Grey Veining

This subtle yet lovely marbled look complements transitional, traditional, modern and contemporary kitchens decorated in a variety of pleasing colour palettes. It’s an especially suitable colour choice for complementing clean white kitchen designs. For more information, there are some helpful resources on the Rockstella Stonery Inc. website.

2. Speckled White-on-White

If you’re looking for the lowest cost on the installation of your quartz kitchen countertops, a speckled white-on-white look is a good choice to consider. There’s at least one manufacturer that prices this colour combination lower than some of the showier, more dramatic colour choices. This colour scheme is visually interesting without being overly distracting. It is ideal if you want another element in your kitchen, such as the cabinetry, flooring or backsplash, to be the focal point of the design.

3. Stark, Clean White

If ultra-modern is your decorating style, plain white quartz countertops are a fresh solution for complementing your kitchen design. This colour choice offers a fresh, minimalist look that complements both wood cabinetry and painted cabinetry beautifully.

4. White With Fine Black Veining

If you’re enchanted with the dramatic look of marble, a white and black marbled quartz is a fantastic colour choice of materials for your kitchen countertops. This look coordinates well with black, white, wooden or metal cabinetry.

5. Deep, Vibrant Blue Mottled With White

A spectacular blue countertop can complement white painted kitchen cabinetry beautifully. This sort of colour would also make a lovely counterpoint for dark or wooden cabinetry.

6. A Mix of Mottled Neutrals: Grey, Greige and Beige

“Greige” is the au courant terminology referring to a hybrid colour that is not quite grey and not quite beige. As one of the hottest trendy neutral home decorating colours right now, it’s making appearances in many Canadian kitchens. If you want greige to occupy a prominent spot in your kitchen colour scheme, the countertops are a fantastic place to introduce a mottled colour palette that includes greige as the predominant shade.

7. Dark Charcoal Grey Mottled With Medium Grey and Black

At first glance, this sort of countertop appears to be black or very dark grey. If you want a predominantly dark-colored kitchen, this is an excellent colour choice for your countertops. It pairs well with a dark-coloured backsplash and stainless steel appliances.

If one of these trendy colour schemes particularly appeals to you, it would be an excellent choice to consider for your own quartz countertop installation. However, these are not your only choices for kitchen countertop colours; the nature of the manufacturing process ensures that you have virtually unlimited choices when it comes to quartz countertops.

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