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a framework for enhancing community liveability ... while Inspiring communities to enhance their unique potential and celebrate their legacies and successes.
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  New Street Banners for CiB Participants

Designed to create a unified appearance for all provincial and national Communities in Bloom participants, these street banners may be used along main thoroughfares, by gateway entry signage or near tourist centres. Click here or on the banner image below to order your banners.

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Aug 30, 2016
Category: Articles
Posted by: admin

As many people who travel know, Vancouver airport parking can be an exciting yet nerve-racking experience. Transport buses are cruising around, people are walking into the road every few seconds, and the signs in an airport parking lot can be more complicated than quantum physics.

Aug 20, 2016
Category: Articles
Posted by: admin

Choosing care for an elderly loved one is one of the most difficult decisions a person faces in life. Nursing homes and senior care facilities provide great services for those who are unable to care for themselves, but they are also associated with depression, loneliness and a sense of helplessness for seniors who are used to being active and independent. Home health care is a great alternative that offers several benefits for seniors who wish to remain in their own homes or live with family members.

May 12, 2016
Category: Articles
Posted by: admin

If you find yourself in the difficult position of choosing an assisted living or long term care facility for a loved one, make sure you select a well-managed establishment Retirement Homes Ottawa that provides a stimulating environment for residents. Often, the stress associated with helping someone suffering from serious health conditions causes decision-makers to overlook this vital element of care. Yet obtaining daily mental and social engagement often proves critical in enhancing well being.

May 10, 2016
Category: Articles
Posted by: admin

Most homeowners are certainly looking for the utility that a garden shed can add to their backyard. Whether you plan on storing garden tools or lawnmowing equipment, garden sheds will remove clutter from your garage and other places in your home where you have been storing things.